The Writing Vortex

Welcome to my blog the Writing Vortex.

Here I focus on sharing my own strategies for vanquishing the demon of self-doubt in order to give your writing wings. I call self-doubt my demon because of my mindset’s negative, all-consuming, possessive nature. Sometimes my self-doubt can be an overwhelming, pressing force strong enough to weigh me down and derail my writing dreams and my life.

I know other writers face debilitating self-doubt as well. These creative souls dream of publishing short stories, novels, blogs, and other digital writing products, but week after week, year after year, the days press on, and still these writers haven’t achieved their goals.

Some of them haven’t even taken the initial steps toward their dreams.

I don’t want to see that happen. I want to help other writers learn from my journey by sharing my own creative struggles. I believe positive energy and mindset can influence your potential – that’s where the idea for the Writing Vortex came from. I’m beginning a new chapter in my life as I turn 40, and my goal is to learn how to change the negative mindset I’ve held for so long.

In conjunction with my strategies on managing my self-doubt, I also talk about my journey as I pursue the publication of my debut novella, The Paranormal Handbook to Love and Self-Recovery, as well as additional paranormal/contemporary romances.

Together, we can build a virtual community of positive energy and learn from each other. Visit the Writing Vortex.